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Recipe boxes have become a huge business in the last few years, so it seemed a good time to do a vegan recipe box review. These meal kit suppliers claim to be able to help you save money, eat healthier and learn cooking skills.  Just simply order their pre-planned, pre-measured, pre-packaged recipe boxes, and all […]

lifestyle tattoos

Did you know that the tattoos, and the process by which they are created, are not naturally vegan-friendly?! Yeah, unfortunately animal by-products manage to find their way into every stage of tattooing.  However there are plenty of vegan options out there. So if you’re considering getting a permanent artwork on your body, get informed before […]

eating in food & drink pancake day recipes

tried & tested: perfect vegan pancakes

5 March 2019 | By Cassell

So it’s that time of year again, Pancake Day! Technically, Shrove Tuesday marking the beginning of Lent, but I don’t think too many people are acknowledging that when throwing flour and eggs together to make pancakes. Happily there are plenty of vegan recipes out there! My husband Tom made tried out this recipe from Tasty […]

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Ok, I’m usually up to speed on developments in the vegan world, so I’m not sure how this managed to escape me for so long… You probably already know but if you didn’t, The Body Shop is no longer owned by L’Oreal so it’s now back on my vegan-friendly shopping list! Well to me it […]

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5 amazing vegan cork ‘leather’ bags

1 March 2019 | By Cassell

Sooooo I have a small confession to make.  For my recent post, “Why I’m No Nonsense on Non-Vegan Clothes“, I discovered exciting new fabrics now emerging to replace those that traditionally used animals, in particular, cow leather. The faux leather we’re currently used to causes toxic effects in production. Thankfully, in light of these environmental […]

eating in food & drink girls' night in occasions

My best friend, H, is coming over in a few days for a girls’ night in, so what do I make for a fun, simple, but still slightly impressive, meal?!  I love to play hostess and there are few better ways than through food to show the people you love that you care. All of […]

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why i’m no nonsense on non-vegan clothes

26 February 2019 | By Cassell

I write about why I avoid leather, wool, suede, cashmere and all other animal derived textiles at “What Vegans Don’t Wear”.  Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. This post is about why I have unwavering commitment to vegan friendly fashion, beyond what goes on in factories and slaughterhouses. We all didn’t […]

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what vegans don’t wear

25 February 2019 | By Cassell

Well obviously vegans wear clothes, shoes and accessories like any other person!  Buuuut, the choices vegans make are heavily influenced by concerns about how animals have been used, harmed or killed to make them. Thanks to Peta’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign that began in 1991, fur shed it’s luxurious, aspirational tag, […]

lifestyle natural living

9 tips for a cruelty-free spring clean

24 February 2019 | By Cassell

It’s nearly March, so many of you may be planning a full on spring clean of your home soon.  Personally, I’m not very good at keeping on top of the housework on a day by day basis.  Instead I’ll have 4 hour bursts of manic cleaning when someone is coming to visit! I do love […]

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choosing a vegan holiday destination

21 February 2019 | By Cassell

If you are anything like me and love your food, then knowing that you’ll have plenty of decent places to eat is central to enjoying your holiday.  It’s really no different to picking a place based on the quality of the beach or cultural sights, and food tourism is a well established trend. There are […]

travel vegan101

everything travelling vegans need to know

21 February 2019 | By Cassell

aka the ultimate list of travel tips for vegan travellers! It’s easy to forget how good we have it in the UK, as each year, more products and services appear to accommodate the growing vegan population. Chefs, shop assistants, baristas, bartenders and more understand the needs of their ever growing vegan client base, and it’s […]

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essential translations for vegan travel

19 February 2019 | By Cassell

Are you planning to go abroad but don’t speak the local language? Worried that you might have problems ordering or buying vegan food as a result?  Never fear; I have a simple tip and printables for you! I usually prepare and print a page of translated words and phrases that I may typically need, specifically […]

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vegan & veggie green wednesdays at yo! sushi

17 February 2019 | By Cassell

Welcome to the first of our Vegan High Street series, where we explore the best, and the bad, of the big restaurants, stores and other chains that grace our high street up and down the UK. So, we begin with good news for sushi lovers! The high street chain of Japanese, conveyor belt restaurants has […]

occasions valentine's day

a vegan valentine’s guide – part 2

12 February 2019 | By Cassell

In Part 2 this section we will dive into some ideas for alternative gifts. perhaps you aren’t into the typical chocolates and flowers and want to get something out of the box for your loved one? After all, there’s only so many small bears a person can have! If you are looking for vegan versions […]

occasions valentine's day

a vegan valentine’s guide – part 1

12 February 2019 | By Cassell

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate the special someone in your life.  Also, like it or loathe it that the nature of Valentine’s gifts and activities are a lot more errm, shall we say standardised than on birthdays or Christmas… Oh ok then, it’s a bit cliché as […]
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