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4 February 2019 | By Cassell

I’m Cassell and I started this blog to share my passion for vegan living and to help inspire everyone to make more animal-friendly and cruelty-free choices in life.

I talk about my journey to becoming a vegan at my first post; it certainly did not happen overnight, and I am passionate about helping people on their journey to living a life of increased awareness and compassion towards animals.

Veganism is truly a way of life, and since I became a vegan back in October 2012, I have never looked back, nor ever regretted it. I only wish that I had become a vegan sooner in life!
I wholeheartedly believe that collectively, everyone has the power to change the behaviour of the biggest brands, companies and corporations to be more compassionate towards animals.

I live with my husband Tom and our 3 cats in Kent, UK.  Don’t worry, as much as it pains me, the cats (who are natural carnivores unlike us humans) aren’t vegan!

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