5 March 2019 | By Cassell

By using this site you accept to understand, abide by and accept the following commandments:

1. I will not copy nor steal this blog’s content for any commercial or personal purposes without consulting the blog’s author and gaining express written consent.

2. I will not consider the personal opinions, experience or recommendations on this blog as medical advice.

3. I shall consult a doctor or other medical professional wherever I have questions or concerns about my existing diet or lifestyle, and any changes I may wish or need to make. I know that this blog contains details of personal experiences, that are shared with the best of intentions.

4. I accept that everything on this website is written from my blog author’s personal point of view, unless otherwise expressed.

5. I fully acknowledge that the blog author expresses opinions which are her own, and she does not write with the intention of defamation, libel or injury to any person or party. If I think there are factually inaccurate statements that were so at the time of writing, I shall contact the blog author immediately to be kind, but this does not guarantee any further correspondence or updates to the blog content.

6. I will not hold the blog author responsible for the content, usefulness, accuracy, completeness or value of any message on this blog.

7. In using the blog’s tips, advice, techniques, best practices, ideas, tutorials and/or recommendations, I do not hold the blog owner/author responsible in any way for any potential injury or harm that may occur.

8. I understand that blogs need to use advertising and affiliate links to make money to keep the website going. I accept that by using some links on this website may result in a financial benefit for the blog owner/author. I have noted a similar message to this effect this on each post. I accept that the blog owner/author will only recommend products and services etc that she has either personally experienced or personally believes is of value.

9. I acknowledge that vegan365 is a participant in Amazon Associates, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.co.uk and affiliated websites.

10. I accept that testimonials, reviews and any other personal recounting of experience with a product, service, attraction or any other entity reflects the real life opinons, experiences and views of the author, any relevant collaborators or users as appropriate. I know that I may not have the same experience should I choose to engage in such a product, service, attraction or other entity.

11. I know that this website operates in a world where analytical data is of value and a necessity to help online entities keep running. I accept the use of cookies by using this website. I know that I can look at the Privacy and Cookie Policy for more information.

Thank you for accepting these terms.

I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, so please check back periodically for any changes.

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